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Product Name: E-RAZOR 250
Item: DY8919

1. Type: RTF Electric 3D Heli
2. Transmitter:6CH RTF/ARF RC Helicopter
3. Length: 420mm
4. Height: 161mm
5. Main Rotor Diameter: 438mm
6. Tail Rotor Dianeter: 105mm
7. Gyro: GY192 Head Lock Gyro
8. Battery: 7.4V 850MAH 15C li-polymer
9. Motor: Brushless 4800KV
10. Servo: 7g*4pcs

1.Simplify, compact and high-rigidity frame. let all electric system install    easy and nice looking.

2.Use Direct-belt-drive, save power and let helicopter very quiet.

3.Simple, separate servos-frame, let flyer easy install and repair.

4.In main frame, use 3pcs belling, insure to the main shaft concentric and    less shake.

High-precision tail double-push frame, more smooth and wearable.

The separate main gear let flyer install and repair more easy and fast.

       Instruction Manual  |    FMS  

  Brushless motor 4800KV
Weight: 7g
Torque:4.8V 1.6kg-cm
Speed:4.8V 0.1sec/60กใ
Size(mm): 21.8กม11กม19.8

Size(mm): 50 X 25 X 7
Weight: 21g
Current: 15A
NiCd/NiMh] /servos: 6/4 8/4 10/2
[Li-xx]/servos: 2/4 3/3

Type: FM
Channel: 6CH
  Gy192 Head Lock Gyro
Dimension: 20.0 x 20.0 x 10.0mm
Weight: 5.7g with Plastic Case
Operation Voltage: 4.8 V ~ 6.0V
Operation Current: 15mA (5V)
Gyro Gain: Remote / Single Gain
Heading Lock: Remote On/Off
  7.4V 850mAh 15C Li-Po Battery
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